GeorgiaMoi. The pièce de résistance. Bee’s knees etc.

Jas — Supposed best pally. Prone to rambling on. Wears enormous pantaloonies.

Rosie — A Viking bride to be. Known for her beards and eccentric dancing.

Jools — Good in an emergency e.g. usually has secret lippy supply.

Ellen — Ditherqueen of the universe and beyond.

Mabs — Generally all-round good egg. Keen on snogging and snacking.

Honorary bloke members
Dave the Laugh — famously said he would like to be a girl so he could look at his nunga-nungas all day. Also known as the Hornmeister.

Tom — Brother of the Sex God and Jas’s “boyfriend.” Actually, as boys go, not entirely mad.

Sven — from Reindeer land (possibly). Spectacularly mad e.g. wears flares that have flashing lights down the seams.

Trainee members
Honor and Soph — coming on nicely. Already involved in the snot disco triumph and the hilarious putting a skeleton dressed as Mr Atwood in his hut.