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Hallo my dear little Hamburger-a-gogo mates!

Erlack a pongoes, it is rainy business outside! April showers bring May...whatsits? Wellies? Luuurve Gods? Oo-er, wouldnít that be full of hilariosity! Luuurve gods falling out of the sky like rain. Mmm. Or popping up from the ground like flowers. (Cor, thatís it! April showers bring May flowers! Donít tell me they donít teach us all sorts of useful knowledge at Stalag 14.)

Anyway, I think we can all agree that April really is not a good month for taming oneís fringe. I tried to tell this to my besty pal Jas, but do you know what she did? She flicked her fringe and huffed about, and has the hump with me.

Jasís silliness has quite inspired me, and Iíve created The Hump Scale, which I will be sharing with all in my new book Stop in the Name of Pantsóbut Iím sending to all of you special lucky duckies early!

Having the Hump Scale

1. Ignorez vousing

2. Sniffing (in an "I told you so" way)

3. Head tossing and fringe fiddling

4. Cold shoulderosity work

5. Midget gems all round, but not for you

6. Pretendy deafnosity

7. Walking on ahead

8. The quarter humpty (evils)

9. The half humpty dumpty (evils and withdrawal of all snacks)

10. The full humpty dumpty (walking away with dignitosity at all times)

Trust me, it really works.

Pip pip, and see you next month!



The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson
by Louise Rennison