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Hello my little chummettes!

Greetings from Billy Shakespeare land, where the monsoons have ended and the rolling hills of ye olde Englande are fertile and green.


It is mud central over here and I am squelching about like a squelching thing on squelching tablets. It is almost worse than when I fell in a pond on our camping trip with Miss Wilson and Herr Kamyer and got toasted newts in my undercrackers. How come most times boys are really astonishingly dim, but the minute you donít want them to notice something they say "Gee, is that your pants squelching?" What fresh hell!

Sometimes life is too full of exhaustiosity, even for me, but I must go on for two reasons:

  1. It is May and that means itís time to start counting down the days until the end of Stalag 14. This summer I think I will initiate the return of Sunglasses Glove Animal. He likes the beach.
  2. My new diary Stop in the Name of Pants comes out in exactly ONE MONTH!!!!!!!! Are you dying of excitementosity???!!



The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson
by Louise Rennison