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Greetings ace chums and pallies!

As the vair, vair cool and possibly even the intelligent ones among you may know, my ninth diary STOP IN THE NAME OF PANTS! comes out in June. Although Dave the Laugh keeps sneaking about in my brain, I am eschewing red bottomosity with a firm hand because I am the true girlfriend of Masimo, the Italian luuurve god…but, err….Masimo is in Italy, Dave is here….Well, I guess you’ll just have to wait to see what happens! For now, here is a saucy sneak peek!

Hearing Masimo's voice has made everything simple for me vis à vis the general horn, ad hoc red bottomosity, etc.

I am putting the accidental snogging scenario with Dave the Laugh into a snogging cupboard at the back of my brainbox. A snogging cupboard that I will never be going in again. I have locked the door and thrown away the key. Well, I didn't throw it away actually, but I have put it somewhere that I will never be able to find again.

One minute later
The snogging cupboard is in fact next to another cupboard that has got other discarded boy stuff in it. Like the Mark big gob stuff. The resting his hand on my nunga nunga episode, etc. Which I have also completely forgotten about and will never remember.

One minute later
This cupboard has also got the snogging Whelk boy fiasco in it. Erlack a pongoes.

One minute later
I don't know what to do with myself now. I am full of excitementosity. And tensionosity. And just a hint of confusiosity.

Ten seconds later
Masimo said he was "having fun."

Five minutes later
Should he be out having fun whilst I am hanging about like a monk in a monkhouse? That is the drawback to being the girlfriend of a Rock legend
you have to hang around a lot. I may be driven to going round to listen to Wild Woman of the Forest ramble on about Hunky.

As you can see, mine is truly a life worth documenting. Perhaps they will read it aloud for story hour in the loony bin.

Pip pip, see you next month, and lots of deep luuuuuuurve!



The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson
by Louise Rennison